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Have you prepared your business for an emergency? When phone lines go down or even if access to the office becomes unavailable, it's nearly impossible to run your business. Small and large scales emergencies occur every single day, and the level of impact they have on your business depends on how prepared you are. At Call 24 we are here to help! Make sure to ask us about our emergency/vacation accounts and how we can keep your business running no matter what! You can rest easy knowing there is still a way to get all of your office calls answered and handled.

Here at Call 24, we have dedicated ourselves to our customers and their customers through friendly, honest and experienced customer service.
Through our reliable service and professionalism, we provide many companies with the services it takes to operate their business when they aren't able to do so themselves.

Starting a new business? Let us help you! We know how

important each call is to your company. We can take your calls, make and confirm appointments, enter work orders, or dispatch emergencies. 

We get your messages to you, without delay, via email. text, fax, or by simply calling you. Let us help you design a package that meets your needs. 

We are locally owned and operated and are staffed 24/7, 365 days a year. There is no additional charge for weekends, after hours, holidays and or storage fee’s. You use us when you need us. Your calls are answered by live operators; we do not offer voicemail. All of your calls are recorded for quality purposes and we have the ability to e-mail them to you if ever required. Depending on which package you have, we are able to fax, email, text, page, etc. all of your messages.

We have state of the art equipment with a complete replication system in place. This meaning, we have a ready to use second back up if anything was to cause our system to go down. Our second system is completely up to date and ready to go within minutes. Most other answering services take hours to get their systems back up and running again. We also have a full backup power system for use in monsoon season or miscellaneous power outages. If Tucson loses power, our generator keeps us going indefinitely. No more busy signals to your clients and/or customers due to answering service disruptions. We will continue to handle your calls even when our competitors cannot.   

Why pick us?​

No start up fees
No hidden fees
No voicemail

Call forwarding

HIPAA Compliant 

We record all calls 
We do not charge by time

We bill monthly

We give referral credits

We do not outsource your calls overseas
We are affordable
We guarantee best service 

We offer... 

Secure Messaging

Call Forwarding 


Alpha or Digital Paging   
Order Taking
Wake-up Services   
Appointment Confirmations
Web Navigating

Vacation Accounts

Emergency accounts